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“Romance Divas” — Racy Renditions

homepartypostcards.com is pleased to announce a racy rendition in the Romance tradition. Fashion will add to your passion for spreading temptation across the nation. Change the ordinary mail into extraordinary sales by marketing with ambition your professional mission.

“Jewelry Junkies” — Have to Share….

I saw the most darling jewel shaped ice trays at Sur la Table in Los Angeles. You can get a two-part rubber ice tray that freezes water into 3-D gem shapes sparkling things up for your next Jewelry Jubilee! Take it up a notch with a little food coloring and your ice cubes become dazzling diamonds that are budget friendly too! Try surlatable.com…!!

“New Home Party Theme” — “Red Carpet Date”

Her name is ‘Hollywood Holly’ and she’s featured under the ‘Beauty Bunch’. I created this theme myself hoping it might catch on.

The idea behind the invite is an evening for making guests feel like a celebrity for the evening by being privvy to the newest in all things beauty. You present yourself as their door to luxury by offering personal attention as their make up artist, skin care specialist, image stylist…all the exclusive perks of being a star.

Ideas for the party:

How about a red carpet leading up to the front door, you can also use red craft paper for a less expensive touch. If there are teenagers available put them to work as paparazzi — if the budget permits use a polaroid and use the star photo as a good way to follow up. At the entrance have a book for “Autographs” and they can fill in all their contact information. Again if the budget permits hand out boas to put them in the mood…or if that is too much have all guests arrive in their sunglasses.

Refreshments can be set up like a craft service table used on movie sets. A table with all the goodies…popcorn, candy, and a big tub of Red Vines. If you really want to go all out use some take out type boxes colored with red and white stripes as popcorn holders…just a darling touch..

You are the feature presentation introducing them to the most exclusive beauty products available and let them know that they were selectively chosen to be in-the-know to all things luxurious. Show them the benefits and all the wonderful things your company offers.

As party favors you could buy Admission Tickets at Staples and use them so guests can reserve their spot at the next party. Maybe even pass out discount coupons on their next purchase.

It’s something to consider and something that’s fresh and new to the collection of themes.

If you give it a try I would love to hear the results and your ideas for making it even better!

Have a Great Night!

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