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Pre-existing plans…. — I say So What………!

“I can do this…I will do this”…that’s where it all started…your first business decision! With careful consideration you chose the company that best reflected your passion that made your new profession your new obsession. Your courage must be applauded…your confidence and skillful ability to self-employ is to be admired — it’s what I like to call entrepreneurship! Making business decisions on a constant and consistent basis set you apart from others. But time and time again in the beginning as we molded our business we realized we might be reflecting the decisions of others….making us feel like followers…followers of an existing plan…followers of company rules and company leaders. For some reason a negative connotation seems to come with it…feelings of doing what everyone else is doing. I say So What… of course we want to mirror those that have already achieved the success we want. It’s the best way to learn what works and then tailor the plan to compliment your goals. Remember that as you start to build big by your own efforts the empire becomes quite personal. Before you know it your newbies are following your lead and are now looking to you for their inspiration. You’ve refined your skills and recognize that a drive and ambition were your treasured transition…… that started by following a theme that lead a new team to having the dream!

How about a little dish on clothes….I wrote this and wanted to share.

Free with Three

Here’s a shocker…after her death in the 1970’s Coco Chanel’s Paris closet was found to consist of just three outfits. Imagine that, the matriarch of fashion herself managed to build an empire from the inspiration of only three.

As a confessed fashion junkie myself, I thought it would be fun to share how some closet courtesy turned my neglect for dress into etiquette and success. It was by unexpected good fortune that I came to see on the days I didn’t care about what to wear were the days that others had no care for how they shared. From my discarded closet ….. I had been selecting the way I would be for all to see. That was an Aha! Moment for me and called for drastic measures. I was now the principal of my personal clothing school and surveyed my entire stock from socks to frocks. First, all that ‘was’ and ‘could be’ were banished. All skinny and fat jeans were relieved of their duty because I was neither. The neglected and cheap were rotated and donated. With that action alone my closet was suddenly tailored to spend each day a whole new way.

It wasn’t that long ago that nice dress meant good breeding…today who can tell! Fashion has merged Park Avenue classes with couture for the masses and makes fashion elusive but not so exclusive! Open your doors to ask what you’re pairing for wearing…is it too busy to care, too late to think, too comfortable to fuss? With an honest look of what stays on your hooks you just might see how a collection of three is what could set you free!


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